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Holiday Sports Schemes

Holiday sports schemes take place at the National Sports Centre, regional pitches as well as local schools and consist of a wide variety of sports including football, netball, badminton, athletics, table tennis, hockey, rugby, basketball, bowls, cricket and squash.

A team of qualified sports coaches who strive to provide all young people, irrespective of their ability, a positive experience through sport, in a safe, fun and productive environment, supervise all sessions.

Parents should not leave their vulnerable child at any MSR open access or organised sports activity without first submitting the Additional Needs form and agreeing with MSR where necessary that appropriate arrangements are in place to safeguard the child’s wellbeing.

Therefore, if your child has any significant needs/disabilities, including medical conditions, that MSR need to be aware of to safeguard your child’s welfare, please ensure you complete the Additional Needs form when submitting your booking and at least 48 hours prior to the session your child will be attending.

(This form only needs to be completed for the first scheme your child attends and it is your responsibility to inform us if there are any changes. Details are kept until your child is too old to attend the holiday activities or until you request we delete your records. Whichever is sooner)

MSR may contact you to discuss appropriate support arrangements ahead of your child’s attendance on the holiday sports schemes.

In the event that your child’s needs appear to be more complex than those described on the submitted documentation, MSR reserves the right to contact you as the parent/guardian/carer to come and collect the child from the activity to safeguard the welfare of the child.


Booking Online

Please be aware when booking online you have to log on using the child's MSR Scorecard number, if you have multiple children please check on the right for linked members to add additional bookings.  Bookings are non refundable and non transferable, please read our Terms and Conditions before booking on the Portal. 


What do you need to book online?

If your child has an NSC account with an email address associated to it, you can logon to our Online Booking Portal. 

To access the online portal you will use your Card number either the old NSC Resident Card (beginning NS) or the new MSR Scorecard number (beginning 688588) and current password. When you switch your card to the new MSR Scorecard, if you haven’t done so already, the login ID will automatically switch on the portal too.

If you are unsure if the NSC account has an email address associated to it,  please fill in type in the Card number in the 'forgotten password' service here

To add an email to you account, fill out the 'Update Details Form'. Our NSC team will add your requested email onto your account and send a prompt to your email address for you to set a memorable password.

The online booking portal is a direct link to our existing system, this means that to be set up on the system please fill out an MSR Scorecard Online Form.  

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