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We have four main tennis clubs on the Island at resent that cater for all age groups from 5 years old to veterans. Tennis Leagues run through the summer months with Junior competitions being held every two –three months. Also, the Island County Championships are held every year for the Yellow Ball players to compete for being the Island Champion. Tennis for the younger ages are categorised in to Red Ball (aged 5 – 7 years old), Orange Ball (aged 7 – 9 years old), Green Ball (aged 9 – 11 years old) and Yellow Ball for all older players. These are due to junior physical development and that the ball weight increases as the players physically develop. All junior players participating in the Sporting Club Manx Youth Games sessions will be playing with Red sponge ball which makes the game fun and easier to pick up, this also teaches the player how to win points by strategy rather than power.

If your child is interested in participating relevant information is below.

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Sch Yr




Wednesdays 24th January - 8th May 2024

Excluding 21st Feb, 3rd + 10th April 2024

5pm - 6pm

2 to 3







Max Stokoe

MYG Co-ordinator 

Brian Walton

IOM LTA Chairman

Ramsey Tennis Club   

Douglas Tennis Club  

Albany Tennis Club


Castletown Tennis Club