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Wheelchair Sports

Wooden Spoon Wheelchair Sports Club

Manx Sport and Recreation in conjunction with the ‘Wooden Spoon’ charity has established a fantastic Wheelchair Sports Club on the Island!

Wheelchair sports are not solely directed at individuals who habitually use a wheelchair. They also facilitate people who suffer a wide range of disabilities to participate in sport including paraplegics, spina bifida, amputees, brittle bones, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Able bodied players are also eligible to get involved either as coach, participant or wheelchair mechanic. Virtually everyone who can conceivably play wheelchair sport is encouraged to do so. Not only does wheelchair sport offer a great rehabilitation from injury or illness, it also provides everyone with an opportunity to participate at a level they wish. It can encourage individuals to meet new friends, have fun whilst improving health, confidence and self-esteem.

The Wooden Spoon Charity has generously donated funding towards the continued running of The Wooden Spoon Wheelchair Sports Club.

The club offers inclusive wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball training sessions to all adults and children.

For further information please call reception on +44 1624 688588 option 1 where our reception team will be happy to help.


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