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The Isle of Man has 8 senior teams and 6 junior sections so if you're new to cricket there is plenty opportunity to get involved! If you'd like to learn more about this sport read the below then try it out for yourself!

 Basics of the game

  • Cricket is a team sport played by two competing sides usually formed of 11 players each.
  • A cricket ground is a large expanse of flat grass
  • The pitch is situated in the middle of the field
  • Both teams take turns batting and fielding
  • Players on the batting side bat in pairs, with one situated at each end of the wicket
  • Wicket can refer to either the 22 yards between the stumps, the stumps themselves (with bails included) or a batsman’s dismissal from the game
  • Stumps are comprised of three upright wooden posts placed side by side in the ground, with two smaller sticks laid horizontally on top of the posts called bails to form the wicket
  • Players on the batting side score runs by running between the wickets
  • Teams bat until they’ve either completed their overs or ten of their batsmen have been dismissed by the fielding side
  • An over consists of six balls (deliveries) by a bowler from the fielding team
  • The team with the highest number of runs at the end wins!

Play anywhere

You can adapt your game of cricket to suit any space – indoor or outdoor.

To book please call NSC reception on +44 1624 688588 option 1 where our reception team will be happy to help. Alternatively contact the IOM Cricket Association for more ways you can get involved!

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