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HSBC Manx Youth Games





The Manx Youth Games supported by HSBC is the biggest multi-sport event for children on the Isle of Man which attracts over 1000 participants in 15 different sports. It is open to children in school Year 2 - 10. The Manx Youth Games event itself is held in May each year but weekly training sessions also take place around the Island in preparation for the event from January.

Training Sessions

This year the training sessions will commence on Monday 27th January and the event itself will take place on Saturday 16th May 2020. Training sessions in 15 different sports take place every week in all 5 regions of the Island (North, South, East South, East North, and West) so there are plenty of opportunities for children to get involved in sport.
After all the hard work and effort put into the weekly training sessions, children come together on the day of the Manx Youth Games to put their new skills into action against teams from the other regions of the Island. The training sessions will commence Monday 27th January 2020.


On The Day

The day begins with an opening ceremony at the NSC with all participants marching onto the track in their brightly coloured t-shirts representing the team they are competing for:
Red – North, Orange – South, Blue – West, Green - Douglas South, Yellow - Douglas North.
The highlight of the opening ceremony is the group warm up which takes place to music in front of the packed grandstand. Children then move off to different venues to compete in their respective sports.
Each of the sports then finishes the day with a presentation of medals to all of the participants

If you have any questions or would like any more information please contact Gianni Epifani on 688556.