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MSR Coach Award

This is a 10-month initiative aimed at Year 11 students following the completion of their exams in the summer term. The program is designed to provide individuals with the information, skills, experience, and support they need to become competent sports coaches in the future.

During the program, each participant will attend a week-long training camp where they will be trained in coaching skills, child safety and protection, emergency first aid, and disability inclusion. Following the training week, they will be coached by qualified and experienced Manx Sport and Recreation (MSR) coaches over the summer months. They will get coaching experience as volunteers at MSR programmes, community clubs, and local schools between September and April, noting their hours in logbooks.

Sure offers rewards for the most hours logged each term and extra training opportunities for logging the most hours, so there are numerous reasons to participate in the course. The Sure Sports Leader of the Year will also be awarded a prize and will be asked to accept it at the Isle of Man Sports Awards.

During each of the school holiday periods, the MSR Coach Award also provides additional training and mentorship opportunities to help them strengthen their coaching skills. This will enable participants to expand on the skills delivered throughout the training week by challenging them to improve their coaching approaches, gain confidence, and provide high-quality coaching sessions. If participants complete the MSR Coach Award, they may be hired as casual coaches in the future.

NEW to 2024*

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the newly reopened Outdoor Learning Centre in West Baldwin, where we are offering an experience for six outdoor activity assistants. As part of this partnership, participants will delve into the realms of leadership and delivery within the outdoor setting. Working alongside coach award participants, they will engage in essential training covering leadership, teambuilding, and other skills. They will receive specialised training to master the Adventure Course and Problem Solving Field, integral components of the OLC's offer. Throughout the program, participants will have access to a range of outdoor activity training sessions, following a structured coach award schedule. Some workshops will be shared experiences, while others will be tailored specifically to the outdoor activity environment, enriching the learning journey. Upon completion, participants will have the opportunity to apply for paid positions, further solidifying their skills and experiences in the field. This partnership promises not only personal growth but also a pathway towards exciting career opportunities in outdoor education and leadership.

If you are interested and want more information, please use the links provided or contact Sam Caine at the Sports Development Unit through e-mail at or by phone at 01624 688557.


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