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MSR Customer Code of Conduct

In order for all of our customers to enjoy their visit and to satisfy health, safety and legal requirements, all customers or visitors to the National Sports Centre* ('the Centre') are asked to adhere to the following best practice guidelines and instructions:

1. Do not misuse any of the NSC’s equipment or facilities. No refunds or cancellations or credits for cancelled or re-arranged bookings are permitted.
2. Ensure safety guidelines relating to the use of the facilities and equipment are adhered to at all times
3. Appropriate footwear and clothing is to be to be worn at all times (e.g. clean, non-marking in the sports halls). If unsure of the correct footwear for the facility you are using please ask for advice from a member of staff
4. Do not attempt to use any of the NSC’s facilities without prior payment. MSR's Book & Pay Policy must be followed. 
5. Always follow any safety advice given by members of staff and any signage displayed around the facilities
6. If there is a need to evacuate the building, always ‘listen to’ and ‘act upon’ the instructions given by staff
7. Do not smoke in any part of the building, car parking areas, athletics track’, pitches or other parts of the facility (including vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind)
8. Do not tamper with, or remove any life-saving, first aid or firefighting equipment, or otherwise behave in a dangerous or irresponsible manner
9. Non swimmers or weak swimmers, must not proceed to water that is out of their depth in the swimming pools area unless accompanied by a competent adult
10. Do not attempt to enter the swimming pools if they are closed or unsupervised
11. Do not enter any unauthorised area, i.e. the pool side, equipment stores, plant or staff rooms unless fully authorised to do so
12. Do not alter or interfere with any equipment, fittings or fixtures
13. Do not use any equipment for any activity that is not approved by the Centre
14. Do not take photographs, film, or arrange for the filming or broadcasting, of any activity or performance without prior agreement from the Centre Cameras, videos and recording devices are not permitted within the pools, spa, changing facilities or toilet areas at any time
15. Do not play any music or perform any work that would infringe copyright whilst in the Centre
16. Do not use a mobile phone whilst participating in an activity when doing so could put yourself or other users at risk of injury
17. Do not coach or instruct any activity unless suitably qualified
18. Only get changed in designated changing areas and store all belongings in the designated lockers provided
19. Do not bring in to the Centre any food or drink (other than in appropriately sealed non-glass containers), chewing gum, illegal or dangerous or offensive substances.
20. Customers are not permitted to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol or narcotic substance whilst in the facility.
21. Do not bring in to the Centre any animal other than an assistance dog
22. Do not sell or supply to other customers or visitors goods of any description
23. Do not display any notice or decoration, or issue promotional materials in the Centre
24. Do not conduct any customer surveys or research without prior agreement from the General Manager
25. Do not advertise or publicly announce any event that is to take place at the NSC without permission from the General Manager
26. Do not sell any tickets, conduct a lottery or make any collection for charity without prior written agreement from the General Manager
26. Never show a lack of consideration and respect to other users or staff at any time; any acts of aggression, violence, illegal substance use, or anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated

*The National Sports Centre encompasses both the Indoor and Outdoor facilities including: The Bowl, Raceway, Athletics Track & Grandstand, Synthetic Pitch plus the main building where the Swimming Pool, Gym, Spa, Sports Halls, Bowls Hall & Squash Courts are located.

All hirers of the NSC facilities must read and agree to the NSC Booking Conditions of Hire.

The NSC has an Anti-Social Behaviour Policy in place which could be used against users of, or visitors to, the facilities who conduct in any form of unacceptable behaviour. For a copy of this anti-social behaviour policy please ask a member of the reception team.

Your cooperation in the above code of conduct is greatly appreciated.