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Booking Conditions of Hire

  1. The Hirer is the person named on the booking form (“the Hirer”). Upon acceptance of the booking the Hirer acknowledges that these terms and conditions shall apply to his or her booking (“the Terms and Conditions”).
  2. The Hirer must be over 18 and must be an individual, company, incorporated association, or trust. Bookings on behalf of clubs or associations will only be accepted from individuals undertaking a booking on behalf of that club or association.
  3. The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that all persons taking part in the Activity/Event during the booking (on all times and dates as applicable) shall abide by the Terms and Conditions and any regulations (“the Regulations”) for the use of the facility (“the Facility”) as set out from time to time by the Department of Education and Children (“the Department”) and displayed at the National Sports Centre in public areas. The Hirer agrees to ensure all users of the Facility are made aware of the Terms and Conditions and the Regulations, including safety, fire and evacuation procedures.
  4. The Hirer will be advised in writing if the booking requested can be confirmed, subject to availability, within 14 days of the date the booking form is received by the NSC. The cost for the booking shall be as set out on the Department’s website on the date the booking is confirmed, and shall be confirmed in the written confirmation.
  5. A booking shall not be deemed to have been accepted by the Department until written confirmation has been issued to the Hirer. Written confirmation shall usually be issued by e-mail unless the Hirer specifically requests confirmation by post.
  6. Once written confirmation has been issued, no refunds or cancellations or credits for cancelled or re-arranged bookings are permitted.
  7. In the event that the NSC is forced to close due to a force majeure event (such as fire, flood, or other damage), bookings will be automatically cancelled and refunded.
  8. If the booking is a block booking, any written confirmation issued may be subject to excluded times and dates which will be clearly marked on the bottom of the acknowledgement form.
  9. For bookings made on an invoicing account, payment is required not more than 30 days following receipt of the invoice from the Department. All other bookings to be paid for through the NSC reception prior to commencing the activity.
  10. The Department reserves the right to cancel or modify any booking made at any time for operational reasons at its discretion, giving as much notice as reasonably practicable.
  11. In the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or the Regulations, the Department shall reserve the right to cancel the booking (and any future dates of booking if a block booking). No refunds will be permitted in these circumstances.
  12. The Facility shall not be used for any purpose other than that specified on the booking form and all equipment should be used appropriately with regard to health and safety of the Hirer and any other users.
  13. The Hirer shall not transfer or sublet his/her or its booking to any other individual.
  14. The Hirer agrees that any change name and address of Hirer shall be sent in writing to the NSC within 14 days of any such change.
  15. The Hirer agrees to pay the NSC on demand, the cost of repairing or making good any loss or damage (fair wear and tear accepted) arising from or incidental to the hiring of the Facility.
  16. The Hirer shall provide first aid cover which is appropriate to the hire of the Facility. No first aid cover will be provided by Department staff if the Facility (or any part of it) is hired for any reason other than its primary purpose as a sporting facility.
  17. The Hirer must not sell or auction any items or charge admission fees to the Facility without prior permission in writing from the General Manager. If such terms are required these should be stated on the booking form. If accepted, the written confirmation will detail the consent provided.
  18. The Hirer must not use or install any of its own equipment or use any electrical equipment in the Facility without prior written consent. Any sports equipment brought in or installed must be checked and approved prior to use.
  19. The Hirer (and any users) must only park in authorised parking bays, and shall not obstruct any access, emergency or disabled accesses.
  20. Personal items must be kept in the lockers provided. The Department do not accept liability for any lost or stolen items, or damage or loss to any property or equipment whatsoever (including any theft from lockers).
  21. Lockers must only be used whilst the Hirer and the participants using the locker are at the NSC using the Facility. Locker keys must not be taken off the NSC premises, and the Department reserve the right to access any locker at any time without notice to users if deemed necessary in the opinion of the Duty Officer on shift. Lockers will be periodically checked and any items left in them will be removed and kept in lost property prior to disposal. You must not place illegal goods or consumables, toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, flammable or hazardous goods, living plants or animals, food or perishable goods or waste in the lockers.
  22. The Hirer agrees to indemnify and to keep the Department indemnified, against liabilities, loss, damage, expense, costs and claims by any person in respect of injury, loss or damage to property and equipment howsoever caused during the use of the Facility or any equipment.
  23. All accidents/incidents where an injury is sustained to a person or damage caused to any part of the facility or any of the equipment within the Facility must be reported to a member of staff on duty immediately. The Hirer agrees to follow and cooperate any procedures in place for accident reporting and/or emergency procedures.
  24. The Hirer shall vacate the Facility promptly and leave the same in a clean and orderly condition and shall comply with any request or directions given by the NSC staff. Please note that some set up or take away time (up to ten minutes) may be inclusive in your booking and an hourly booking is only guaranteed for 50 minutes. Ref: BF03b_Booking Conditions of Hire Date Issued: 16/06/2017 Issue No: 01 Next Review: 16/06/2018
  25. Photographs for professional use and publication thereof must not be taken without prior written consent, and the Hirer must ensure that the appropriate permission has been granted by the individuals concerned.
  26. Mobile phones should not be used for any purpose other than as a personal timer or music player within the gym, sports hall and any other exercise or changing area.
  27. No Hirer may grant broadcasting (sound or television) of film rights without the prior consent of the Department. If such consent be given, the Department reserves the right to take part in any negotiations, to be a party to the terms and conditions of any agreement reached and to share in any income and publicity derived therefrom.
  28. The right of entry to the Facility is reserved to the NSC staff, any authorised contractors and any emergency services at any time during the hire period.
  29. The Hirer should inspect the Facility prior to use, and notify any issues to the NSC staff prior to use and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Facility is suitable for use for the proposed sport, activity or event.
  30. The Hirer shall not cause or permit any users within its control to cause any anti-social behaviour at any time during or outside of hire periods. Any person found to be causing or permitting anti-social behaviour at any time may be refused entry to the NSC at the Department’s sole discretion and excluded from the NSC on a temporary or permanent basis.
  31. The Hirer shall not allow any participant to use the Facility or any part of the NSC whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  32. The Department reserves the right to refuse any booking, or to decline to permit entry on the Facility to any person at any time at its sole discretion.
  33. Children and vulnerable adults must be, and remain in the care of, an appropriate adult over the age of 18 years at all times during the hire period and the Department accepts no responsibility for the care or health and safety for that child or vulnerable adult during the use of the Facility.
  34. The Hirer and any users authorised by the Hirer are responsible for ensuring their own health and safety and ability to participate in any activity, sport or event. Any assistance given by NSC staff is given in good faith and should not be relied upon, particularly if you have any health condition or illness, are pregnant, or undergoing any form of treatment. If in doubt, the Hirer must take medical advice. The Hirer and any user is responsible for monitoring their own physical condition throughout the use of the Facility.
  35. These Terms and Conditions may be amended or superseded at any time. In the event of any material or significant amendment to terms and conditions which affect your booking, once confirmed, will be notified in writing.
  36. If your booking constitutes an event or activity which is outside of the existing use for the Facility or part of the NSC the Hirer is using, the Hirer may be required to enter into further Special Conditions as relate to that event or activity such as additional insurance, first aid, risk assessment or other restrictions or regulations as relate to that booking, which shall be notified to you in writing prior to confirmation of the booking. No material amendments to the booking terms and conditions will be accepted.
  37. Recording closed circuit television is in use across the NSC site and in some facilities staff may be wearing body worn cameras.
  38. Hiring of sports facilities does not automatically include use of changing rooms unless agreed at the time of booking.
  39. The Hirer may be requested to provide copies of any insurance, safeguarding & protecting child protection policy, risk assessment, coaching qualifications, DBS certificates, sporting association/affiliation documents, any other identity or verification of address documentation, together with any other documentation to support the Hirer’s suitability to run the sport, activity or the event and particularly to protect minors and any vulnerable adults at the Department’s sole discretion.
  40. All users and visitors of the NSC facilities must abide by the NSC Customer Code of Conduct. This is displayed around the facilities and on the website. For a copy of this document please visit the NSC website or email Hirers are requested to ensure their users are familiar with this document.
  41. The NSC has in place Anti-Social Behaviour Policy which could be used against users or visitors to the facilities who conduct in any forms of unacceptable behaviour.
  42. Equipment can be rented at the NSC for a booked Activity, including but not limited to: various sport racquets, shuttlecocks & footballs, charged at a value confirmed upon collection of the rental equipment. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to maintain the equipment during the activity and to return the equipment to the reception desk before exiting the Facility.

For a copy of the Anti-Social Behaviour policy please visit the NSC website or email These Booking Conditions of Hire relate to the hire of all NSC facilities, including: The Bowl, NSC Raceway, Athletics Track & Grandstand, NSC Synthetic Pitch, Regional Synthetic Pitches (in Peel, Ramsey & Castletown) plus the main NSC building where the Swimming Pool, Gym, Spa, Sports Halls, Bowls Hall & Squash Courts are located.