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MSR Coach Award

The MSR Coach Award, sponsored by Sure Isle of Man, has recently concluded its 2022/23 cohort. This award recognises young sports coaches who have made significant contributions to promoting active lifestyles among young people. We had a group of dedicated coaches who went above and beyond to inspire and support their communities. Under the guidance of MSR's Sports Development Team, these coaches showed great commitment, acquiring knowledge and delivering various sports sessions throughout the year. They dedicated nearly 900 hours of volunteer time, alongside their own sporting interests and schoolwork. This accomplishment showcases their passion and dedication to improving the lives of young individuals through sports.

The MSR Coach Award takes pride in recognising excellence and honoring those who have made substantial contributions. The top three leaders with the most logged hours between January and April were Ellie Johnson, Jack Grimley, and Erin Rooney. These individuals consistently displayed exceptional commitment.

Among this cohort, Ellie Johnson emerged as a standout. Her involvement in the community and participation in local clubs, after-school programs, and the MSR holiday program set her apart. Ellie's dedication to continuous improvement, openness to new ideas, and eagerness to learn from fellow coaches contributed to her selection as the Sports Leader of the Year.In recognition of their achievements, Sure have presented Ellie with a new pair of airpods, and awarded vouchers worth £100, £75, and £50 to the top three leaders, respectively. Ellie will also receive the prestigious Sports Leader of the Year title at next year's IOM Sports Awards.Looking ahead, the Sports Development Team is pleased to announce that recruitment for the upcoming MSR Coach Award in July is now underway. The award offers Year 11 students a chance to participate and make a positive impact in their community through sports coaching. There are still available spaces for interested Year 11 students. Those interested are encouraged to contact MSR's Sports Development Team.

The Sports Development Team welcomes current Year 11 students who are passionate about sports and eager to contribute to their community.

By joining the MSR Coach Award, they will have the opportunity to develop valuable skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people.

For inquiries or more information about the MSR Coach Award, please contact: Sam Caine, e-mail: or phone: 01624 688557