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Name: Jordan Cain

Role:  ACTIV8 Physical Activity Co-Ordinator – Department of Infrastructure

Qualifications: (BA) HONS Sports Coaching, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Boxercise, Sports Massage Therapist, Sports Leaders Tutor

Favourite Exercise Class: Boxercise – I like how you combine both the boxing and circuit element to it.

Favourite Sport: Crown Green Bowls and Running – a perfect mixture!

Strengths:  Motivation and a positive attitude

Weakness: Yorkie bars…

Previous Roles:  Senior Leisure Assistant at the National Sports Centre

Background: I am always on the go, and always have participated in lots of different sports. Exercise has always been a big part of my life – the physical and mental benefits it has on you are amazing and no matter what fitness level you are, you always feel better after doing some sort of physical activity.

Most memorable sporting events:

Representing the Isle of Man at the Senior World Indoor Bowls Championships in Jersey and twice in the Under 25’s World Championships in Scotland.

Being named Man of The Match twice whilst playing county bowls for the Isle of Man

Representing Lancashire at Cross Country.

Most Proud of: My Daughter - Amelia