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About Us

Activ8 Mission:

The Activ8 team are committed to providing a supportive, caring environment that encourages members on their journey to become more active.

We aim to deliver and co-ordinate a wide range of inclusive physical activities across the Island for all abilities, helping participants improve their overall health, fitness, wellbeing and reach personal targets.

The Team

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We are all passionate about helping and supporting staff to live an active lifestyle so that they can enjoy the many benefits of physical activity and the feel good endorphins it produces. 

We are committed to supporting staff to find time to enjoy exercise in their busy lives and making physical activity as accessible as possible.


The Scheme

The scheme focuses on breaking down barriers to exercise by making activities as accessible, fun and motivating as possible.

Sessions are led by qualified instructors all around the Island and are designed for beginners and tailored to the individuals needs that attend. All sessions are in a welcoming, friendly, progressive and supportive environment.

Individual support is available for those who are unable to attend sessions, but want to make a positive change to their lives by becoming more active.

Community events and groups are promoted for those individuals who are ready for a new adventure.